New Syraforest website

Posted at 10 June 2020 in

Welcome to the new website :).

Here you’ll find yourself in a forest where you can find inspiration, music and videos. We’re going to make much content with experiences and wisdom we gain throughout live, so that we can inspire and help each other. This content will be placed on the Energy page.

With Syraforest we contribute to the Psytrance rave scene in our own way. We’re in love with this scene, a psychedelic world of caretakers of the earth all around the globe. We give music shows and organise rave parties. These can be found on the Live pages. At the Syraforest raves we give space for the darker organic sounding Psytrance styles and live music. We love to experiment and bring you some refreshment in the scene.

The music and videos that we make, will be on their respective pages. Everything we’ve released until now, can be found over there. The most recent album Curious Creatures, the previous album Nandri and the first three singles Ashes, Travail and Cave of Sora. New video clips and music will appear on those pages.

Also we’re working on merchandise for you, the Syraforest community. We like to make creative products, where the focus is on taking care of the earth and sustainability. We keep looking for opportunities to create nice merchandise with an as small ecological footprint on the earth as possible.
We’re always open to receive messages. Please head over to the Contact page to get in touch with us.

This community is meant to be a place to give each other inspiration to take good care of yourselves and our habitat on this beautiful planet.