About  Syraforest

Deep in the Syraforest you will experience dance music parties, where the sounds and environment might guide you on an adventurous journey. The musicians tell their stories through sounds, to share their wisdoms and to make you feel their experiences. Together we can inspire and help each other by sharing lively and joyful energy. Together we dance freely. Together we are safe.

We walk our own paths in the forest of life, but the forest connects us all. We are here together. We can fulfill great potentials by seeking connection and helping each other.

All life you see around you originates from our oldest great grandparent. A prokaryote that floated in water around 3.800.000.000 years ago. This organism consisted of streaks of chemicals, protected by a membrane. It had DNA, a molecule that contains all information for the development of the cell. This ancestor of ours duplicated itself, whereby the offspring had that same molecules. Billions of years later our bodies still consist of cells with DNA in every one of them. But not only our bodies, also the bodies of our cousins, like all animals, fungi, plants and even the fruits of plants, are constructed that way. Many ancient tribes across the globe say that life originates form one point. With my own ears I’ve listened to a chief of the Maasai tribe in Kenya explaining this. They share this wisdom from generation to generation, without any use of western science. In nature, all puzzle pieces about our existence can be found. To find them, we can connect to ourselves, to our own nature. Just like all other creatures, we are an important part of the whole.

As a species we have the gift to transfer information to new generations. Through history this has helped us with survival and developing our population. Since thousands of years we as Homo Sapiens are the only human race still alive, managing to strive on all continents. We still carry genes from extinct human species in our DNA, what suggests that we also shared information and skills with other human species in the past. You as a human being have the ability to share information and energy with others. We don’t survive on our own, but we do as a group, a society. Sharing information and energy gives meaning to our existence, being the continuation of the whole. If you receive something positive from somebody, you’ll most likely do something positive for someone else in the future. That’s how our brains are wired. A chain reaction of positive power can be created by putting a little energy into something nice for someone else, no matter how small.

There is a place where you can experience a meeting with the true you. This place is the emptiness. Immersing yourself in emptiness can bring you a sense of peace and understanding. It can feel scary to step into the emptiness, but if you allow the emotions and surrender yourself, you can come across great values.

Thank you for being who you are.

- Edward, Syraforest.