Live - Rave

The Syraforest raves provide a fresh addition to the underground Psychedelic Trance raves. During this trip you’ll experience ancient thrusting electronic music, as well as live played music. Made in the moment, arising from the energy of everyone at this gathering. The sounds will lead our journey.

To rave feels like a primitive drive. Gathering as a tribe and dancing to get closer to yourself and each other. Letting yourself be more connected. Dancing around bright lights in the darkness. Making music together. Making sounds that resonate with natural rhythms. Creating melodies to make some space for your emotions. Raves and concerts feel like contemporary means to express these ancient drives.

B.A.F.O. Festival Warm Up Netherlands

4 June 2022

Syraforest teams up with B.A.F.O. Festival organizer Hipnotic Tribe Records from Portugal and Amsterdam Blast Events to blast a new rave on June 4th 2022. We'll bring fast and deep Psychedelic Trance music to De Oude Rechtbank in Eindhoven.
Sep 30th to Oct 2nd the biggest Dark Psytrance festival in Portugal B.A.F.O. Festival will make its return and we will celebrate this by inviting some of the biggest names in the scene to the Netherlands.

Tickets are available at this link.

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Syraforest II

23 October 2021

A new episode of the Psychedelic Trance events by Syraforest. For this event we worked together with a new venue, invited more artists and managed a big improvement of the light and sound. We organized the event in an old monastery in Nuenen, which nowadays serves as a breeding ground for all kinds of events and arts.

For this aftermovie we captured the joy and wonderful vibe on the dance floor. It felt beautiful to gather and connect again. We'll use this powerful energy to work towards the next adventure in the Syraforest.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended 🙏.

Music used in this video: Confo - Open Path

Syraforest I

28 September 2019

Thank you all for making the first Syraforest rave a success! A room full of dancing and playing.

The rave scene feels like one big family of gathering people and organisers. Hedonists and do-gooders. Often you can find us between the audience at parties. A place we love to be. In these adventures we meet the hard working people behind the scenes who make these events possible. The organisers and musicians who keep this family together. We would like to give you some tips for a few events that have brought us nice valuable experiences. The organisers are in alphabetic order.

Amsterdam Blast Events (Amsterdam, NL)

Bom Voyage (Amsterdam, NL)

Global Aura (Tilburg, NL)

Life of PSY (Heerlen, NL)

Psy-Fi (Leeuwarden, NL)

Psychedelic Klub (Nijmegen, NL)

Psychedelic Rave (NL)

Trippedelic (Venlo, NL)