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All live Syraforest experiences, from raves to concerts, can be found over here.


We perform shows at various events. We play DJ sets, as well as DJ sets with live instruments and full band shows. Depending on the possibilities of the event, we provide a full Syraforest experience. With the addition of live instruments like guitar and vocals, we have more musical freedom to venture on a journey together with you.


All Syraforest raves are organised by us. We’ll take care of the venue, decoration, artists and so on. This way we contribute to the beautiful tradition of rave parties. We focus on handmade natural art and music with organic sounds, which creates an atmosphere as if we dance in a deep forest, being close to our roots. A place where we’re able to get close to ourselves and feel freedom.

DJ set w/ live guitar - Syraforest II

23 October 2021

Het Klooster, Nuenen - The Netherlands

DJ set w/ live guitar - 50 Shades of Psy

24 January 2020

Waalhalla Centrum, Nijmegen - The Netherlands

DJ set - Life of Psy

26 October 2019

Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen - The Netherlands

DJ set + Live band set - Syraforest I

28 September 2019

Stroomhuis, Eindhoven - The Netherlands