Live footage

The Syraforest Psytrance raves and live shows can be relived. To dance in a gathering of people to thrusting beats gives us euphoric feelings that are reminiscent of ancient times. This can strengthen your sense of belonging to humanity and the whole of nature. If you haven’t managed to visit an event or you’d like to bring back the memories of a past rave, then feel free to watch some videos we’ve made to get a sense of the vibe. Would you like to attend an event? At the Tour page you can find all places where we’re going to give a show. If you’d like us to play near your place or at your event, feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact page.

Video clips

There is a lot of power in telling a musical and visual story to people. You can take people on a journey, let them feel emotions, let them learn about experiences, show gratitude or gather courage and energy for a challenge. On this page we share our visual and auditory stories.

Syraforest @ Life of PSY, Live Guitar Jam

6 May 2022

Playing guitar to the Bliss remix to the Psytrance classic Infected Mushroom - Bust a Move at Life of PSY, Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, The Netherlands.


Cave of sora

An adventure through the Cave of Sora by Edward Rijkers, Syraforest.
Psychedelic illustration art by Wommel (
Abstract videos by Koen Kievits (
Psychedelic animations by Bram Knol (



Video edited by Edward Rijkers, Syraforest.
Mysterious psychedelic art by Lydia Dommering.
Abstract videos by Koen Kievits (
Psychedelic animations by Bram Knol ( .