For ten thousands of years, humans have been using handmade instruments to imitate and play with natural rhythms and melodies. The rhythm of day and night, seasons, tides and footsteps. Melodies from the wind, insects, birds and mammals. Sound is a powerful tool for communication. It makes us move, lets us feel emotions and stimulates flows of energy.

DJ Sets

I perform as a DJ with various styles of Psychedelic Trance. A type of electronic dance music, with a focus on stimulating psychedelic sounds, built on top of a thrusting beat that can bring you into a state of trance.

Albums & Singles

In places I’ve visited I’ve recorded some nature sounds you hear in Syraforest with a field recorder, the Zoom H2n. This way this music is formed by sounds of our existing nature, combined with storytelling by playing instruments. A modern interpretation of ancient rituals.

With my music, I play DJ sets combined with live instruments. I combine organic and natural sounds with the power of electronic music.

DJ Sets

Syraforest · Forest Psytrance DJ set [148-150]
Syraforest · Full-On/Progressive Psytrance DJ set [140-147]