Here you’ll find inspiration for renewed energy. We can help each other by sharing wisdom and findings. Sometimes we find valuable wisdoms that help us further with understanding life, other times we find inspiration and new insights. Whatever it is that helps us further, we give a collection of those findings down here.

We can gain a lot of power by getting a better understanding of our nature. Regardless of how life goes, nature is a constant factor that will continue forever. That energy is always here, no matter how uncertain situations may be sometimes. Like PBS Eons once said: "While the players might change, life is still playing the same game."

With words and images we can make each other remember the value and potential of that energy. Everything that changes not noticeably, becomes obvious. By telling stories, we can become aware again of the beauty of our existence.

Energy #1

Every human has good and evil in themselves, the balance varies from person to person. At the same time everyone’s opinion about what is good or evil differs. We can’t choose what others radiate to us, but we can choose how we receive it. The choises you make can affect the energy you feel, from […]

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Down to Earth

In this movie, ancient knowledge is being shared about the essence of life. The deepest values of our existence. This knowledge is being told by keepers of the earth. At this moment the film is available in The Netherlands, but it will be available globally in 2020.

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